giovedì 27 giugno 2013

:::::::INNUENDO Italian Style :::::::::
great promo 55L Thursday 2 complete mesh outfits for female

 and 3 new release.....3 colours different : plum, black and purple...

venerdì 21 giugno 2013

::::::::::::::::::::INNUENDO Italian Style:::::::::::::::::::

new grid hunt MD4 start 21 th June end 21 th July

object: butterfly
price: 1L

look inside the main the two butterflies, each contine a complete outfits for women, the other a butterfly complete outfits for men ...

have fun :)

INNUENDO Italian Style


lunedì 17 giugno 2013

                               Model Casting INNUENDO Italian Style 
Like the world of fashion and want farte hand, have participated in many casting, you've done courses and are a good model or a good model dipolmato? ... INNUENDO select some of the best models and wants them all 'inside of his brand to get them to pull in the best fashion shows, where the brand will take part ...... day June 24, 2013 at the offices of the brand you expect
                                                          24 th June 2013 
                                    21: 30 it time; 12:30 sl time 

          info contact :

            Juansebastian Menges       
            Director Manager Model INNUENDO Italian Style

            Misoindite Romano                                   
            Co-Director Manager Model INNUENDO Italian Style

            Giuls Scarpulla
            Model & Blogger INNUENDO Italian Style

venerdì 14 giugno 2013

a new item exclusive for members of the group brand
                             INNUENDO Italian Style


only at INNUENDO Italian Style store:

a new release by INNUENDO Italian Style  photo realized by official blogger of brand

Maja Ellisson

u can find this complete outfits on main store in 2 color version: cream ( see pic) and lemon

giovedì 13 giugno 2013

                                          :::::::::::::::::INNUENDO Italian Style :::::::::::::::::
                                                              ::::: PROMO 55L::::::
                                                  NEW PROMO 55L THURSDAY
                                                   2 different mesh complete outfits

you like the world of fashion and do not want to miss a novelty, you like to dress with style and do not know to give up being original ..... you do not have to lose the reports of the latest news of the brand ... follow us on facebook .. .... 



martedì 11 giugno 2013

INNUENDO Italian Style.......summer colour fantasy swimmwear.....

live the colors and the magic of summer in the new line lolita costumes ... you can find them in colors ... black, red and blue .....